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The Freebies, Contests, and Other Awesomeness Blog will be dedicated to just that: Freebies, Contests, and Other Awesomeness! Growing up, we all loved to compete in drawing contests, poetry contests, short story contests, sand castle building contests, and any other weird contest that promised awesome prizes. Even if we barely ever won, just the process of reading the contest rules, getting super creative, submitting our masterpiece, and then waiting for the response was always a journey worth taking. At Beartruth Collective, we will be holding tons of different awesome contests and giveaways that will promise extra-awesome prizes. And just submitting to the contest will guarantee you some type of digital reward. No one goes home empty handed:) Make sure you sign up for the Beartruth Fan Club to be eligible for top-secret freebies only offered to Fan Club Members!

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Download and print some totally awesome coloring pages. More will be added soon! And no one said you have to make them look exactly like the book. Barnabas might be green, but he looks just as cool purple, or pink, or yellow. Get your color on! Learn More


Stickers are absolutely one of the coolest things in the world. We love collecting stickers and we love making stickers. We wanted to hold a design a sticker contest so our fans can join in on the fun. Check back soon for details. Learn More