We are excited to announce Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel won Children’s Book of the Year by the Christian Small Publishers Association. We are the only Christian comic book to be nominated. There were so many cool books in our category.  It was such a huge honor for us to even be nominated, let alone win Book of the Year for the Ages 8-12 category.  Our book took five long and glorious years to compete, with over 2000 original full color comic book drawings.  Despite the many challenges, the ups-and-downs, the sleepless nights, and fear of never being able to complete the book – God was always faithful and there with us along the way.  We would never have been able to finish without the prayer of family and friends and His loving push toward the finish line.

For everyone who voted, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  If you’d like to help out our ministry even more, please share our website with family and friends. You are amazing! Have a blessed week.

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