A lot of people ask us, “Why comic books and creatures?” Plainly put, WE LOVE CHRISTIAN COMIC BOOKS and they are a great way to get kids of all ages interested in the Bible! Our intention is one of ministry and education. We’re using a science fiction visual language to illuminate the story of Paul the Apostle and ultimately, the life-transforming message of Christ Jesus. In no way are we trying to replace the Bible or enhance it. The word of God is already awesome and perfect! For this reason, our adaptation of the life of Paul is a biblically based portrayal of the Bible account. Our hope is that after reading our graphic novel, readers will have a strong understanding of the life of Paul the Apostle.

While Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel is our first and only book, our dream is to adapt the entire Bible in this science fiction universe. Our next project is Peter the Apostle: A Graphic Novel, which will tell the entire life of Peter told to us in the Gospels and in Acts. We are also working day and night to complete a 48 page Study Guide for Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel. So stay tuned. And thank you again for trusting us to help educate your children about the most important book ever written: the Bible!